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Teaching Kids Respect

From the moment my kids were able to understand, I have been teaching them to always say “please” and “thank you”. Show respect, and be polite to others, most especially your elders. All my lecture and I feel like it has been for nothing. Maybe if you met my 7 year old you would say he is polite. But it seems at home he shows little to no manners. Why? Are you a mean mom if your child asks you for something and you do not give it to them… Read more Teaching Kids Respect

Easter Traditions

I went out last week to Dollarama to do some Easter day shopping for my kids. I guess I forgot that everything is no longer just a $1 at ‘Dollarama’. When I got home and went through my bags  I started to wonder if buying all these goodies maybe was not the right thing to do. Easter for me, since I was a little girl was a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. So why is it that all I have planned for Easter is non-religious activities.… Read more Easter Traditions

In the absence of a plan the future is unclear

It is our job to make a plan for our future. When we are no longer children, and our parents are no longer our GPS, we need a plan. As I said in my previous post, we have no control of the future, but that does not mean we should not have a plan. God has a different path for us then we do for ourselves sometimes. So of course even when we plan things out in details, the future outcome is still unclear because we did not look for… Read more In the absence of a plan the future is unclear