Time To Take Your Life Off Hold

Getting Married

When we first heard about COVID-19 back in 2020, I new two couples who were to be married just a month after. It was right before the lockdown. My heart goes out to does that had been planning for their big day for so long, and then everything had to be put on hold. As of today those same couple that were to get married, are still not married. Yes every girl wants that fairy tale wedding with all the glamor, but that is no what being married is about. It is about the person you will be spending the rest of your life with. So if you truly love your partner, know that God present is all you need at your matrimony, and all will be well.

Expanding your Family

These are for sure scary times we are living in. Even before COVID there are so many disastrous thing happening around us. I know a few married couples who decided they did not want to have children. Some because they did not want that type of responsibility. Others because they do not want to grow a child up in this destructive world. Both reason are understandable. But don’t let COVID hold you back from expanding your family. Have Faith!

Life Around You

There are always situation in our lives that will arise, when we will stop to think upon our end response. When COVID hit, we were all so caught of guard. Everything revolved around COVID that we kind of forgot about a different way of living. We try to take control of everything happening around us. If things are not to our satisfaction, we try to change the outcome, or postpone the inevitable. The saying goes “Life is short”. We do not know when our time will come to an end on this earth. So make sure not to put your life on hold, or you may not be granted the pleasure of holding something dear.

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