Time Apart

If you have not heard “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” by Chicago, have a listen!

This post is about loving your friends and family, but knowing when you need some time apart for each other. Believe it of not, time spent apart can build a relationship stronger, and have more meaning than it did before.

When you are living with someone; be it your spouse a parent or even a friend, conflict will arise that wouldn’t have if you were not living with them. Not major conflict, but little things that we all like to nitpick about. Especially when everyone likes things done their own way.

Which leads us to communicate with others about the people we live with. That would be fine……if the whole conversation was not about how annoyed and frustrated you are feeling at almost all the time.

It is easy to find yourself continuously complaining to other. When in fact, communicate to that individuals would be the first rout to take. By turning away from the person you should be speaking to, builds a huge bridge which leads to separation.

At some point, the realization will hit that people on the outside seem to know more about what is going on in your life than the people who seem to be the closes to you.

Which brings me back to the song. There is a line that says ‘Everybody needs a little time away, far away from each other’.

Family time is the best time for myself. Keep in mind for those who have children, or older parents that you share a home with, time is most definitely needed for yourself. Others can say what they want, but do not let them make you feel guilty for wanting to find a short time for you. For in that moment will you see how thankful you are for all that has been given. Rather than not have a minute, and have regrets for all the negative thought that run throw your head daily.

Find time to Mediate! Pray for Strength and Guidance.

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