At one point or another, I am sure everyone has experience the feeling of being in a room full of people, but having that sense of loneliness. Yes it is true if you do not know anyone in the room, then for sure you will feel alone.

However, how are we to explain it when there is a room full of friends and family, and still there is a feeling of not belonging.

I believe there is a life after we leave this earth. I believe there is a GOD up there. If you do not believe, then how do you wake up in the morning and get through each and every day?

We come into this world alone (unless you are a twin, triplet ect.). We go through life with so many people coming and going. Even to the point when we find our significant other, there is still moments when we can not shake that feeling that there is no one to talk to, no one to turn to.

Of course anyone on the outside looking in would say, ‘you have so many friends and family, how can you ever feel there is no one to talk to?’

But to understand it, you need to live through it. It does not matter how many individual there is surrounding you, loneliness is something everyone will experience. Some will say this is what leads to mental illness. I say let this lead you to GOD!

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