Everyone can say life is a cycle of non ending tasks. Just when it feels that you have accomplished all that is needed, something else arises. Be it something stressful in life, or something joyful like planning a party, or booking a vacation. It is still a task that needs to be looked at and dealt with accordingly.

I know some individual don’t care much to plan. And then there are the others who can not seem to get anything done, unless they have a daily schedule on what needs to be completed.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall under, the same is true for all of us one point or another…….we waste time. Every moment is precious, yet even knowing that we don’t use our time wisely at moments. There are important task at hand, waiting for our attention, but we would rather spend our time watching/doing foolishness.

When we do this, we fail no one else but ourselves. Because when the time comes that you are not prepared, the only person you want to kick in the a*$ is yourself…..but what we do, is look for someone else to blame instead.

I myself am guilty of wasting time. There can be many reason why we do it. However, please do not let this take control of you. For sure we all need a break from life, and are encouraged to do things we enjoy. Even so there will come a time when realization hits that all the useless ways you were spending your time, does noting to help you get through this life we are living.


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