Temporary Friendship

As we grow older, situations in our lives will change……we will change. As we continue our journey on this earth, there will be new individual we meet along the way. In the past I am sure some would say they had friends that would forever be by their side. But circumstance changed that. Or in other words, where we are standing in a particular time in life, has changed that.

Some can say that when they have questions about relationship, they have a specific friend to discuss that with. If religion is what you want to discuss, then another friend would be more helpful to speak with. If you love to bash your boss, then the best person to vent with is your collogue. They would understand best, rather than a friend who doesn’t even know your boss.

We loose friends along the way not because of bad blood (sometimes). But because as we grow, our needs and perspective in life change. Which change how we view other, and the topic we discuss with them, which leads to making our breaking some friendship.

I feel some would say, ‘if they are truly your friend, then they will stick to your side until the end.’ But just like a marriage sometimes fails, so do friendship.

Regardless, I do believe that every person that enters our lives is for a reason. No matter how short or long, how bitter or sweet, let us not take for granted that friendship we were given.


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