Different View

I took a two week break, but I am back now! (to anyone who had notice :D

Today’s post is about how different you can view the same situation at a different point/time in life.

When I was younger, one of my biggest wish was to have a love relationship just like the one my parents had. My mom told me how her family members tried to keep her and my dad apart. It even got so bad, that my mom was shipped away to a different island so my dad wouldn’t be able to located her. But he seared and seared and eventually they ended up together, because of that strong unconditional love (I thought at the time).

As I got older I started to hear things being said between the two of them on occasion, when they weren’t aware I was listening. Of course when hurt by someone you love, yes, you find it in your heart to forgive them. But at the same time the memory of the pain will always stay with you. So on one of those days when my mom was hurting, I overheard the ‘real reason’ my mom was shipped away from my dad. It turned out it wasn’t at all as romantic as I had first thought. If anything the story was hurtful, and I was surprised my parents were still together.

Now at this point of my life, my view changed again. Yes the story wasn’t as lovely as when I was a child. But of course my mom couldn’t have told me the whole story at the age of seven. As a young adult, I couldn’t understand why someone would stay with an individual after all the hurt they had put them through. But now at a ‘matured’ age, I feel that I have a better understanding than when I was a younger.

The point of this post is to say: the older we get, the more understanding we have on certain aspect in life. Something you may view as amazing or scary in life when you were young, may well change at a different time of your life. So when you think you may understand something fully, I’m sure you may not have the whole story.

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