Do Not Give Up

In life there are people who thrive on the challenges in life. Then there are others who are ready to throw in the towel before the fight has even begone. Why bother with school, work or even relationship out there, when it becomes to difficult. If school is not for you then why not just drop out. Why bother trying to work things out with your collogue or even boss. How about people that are important in your life. If you do not see eye to eye, then just give up on the relationship……right?

When the walk in life turns in to a big hill up ahead, then start climbing. Yes in life today it is so much easier to say goodbye to something/ someone that becomes complicated. But that seems to be one of the reason most relationship fail. The reason one moves from one career to another, is because it is easier to give up when hardship comes knocking, then face it head on.

Do not give up so easily when things get tuff in life. If you decide to walk away, make sure you are doing it because you want to. Not because you are unable to find a solution to the problem. There is always a way, if there is a will. Have Faith, and patient. Remember to always Pray for answers, not walk away and then realize you should have never given up in the first place.

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