Shower Them With Kindness

Weather a person has hurt you with their words or by their action, the most important thing is to shower them with kindness.

Continuously you are being bullied! In school it was the name calling, and the pranks being played that would hurt the most. Now into adulthood, where our behavior should have been modified, you will find it worse. To act harshly to those individual who have wronged you, puts you in the same boat as them. Stand above that by, showing up everyday was a smile on your face, and action that shows you to be a better person to rise up above their wicked efforts.

In the face of a fight, there is only anger raging out from your body. The need to lash out and hurt the person who has caused you all this vexation. Without thinking your mouth will open up, and only harsh and bitter words comes out. Soon as the words are out, you wished only to take them back, and in return shower them with kindness.

We all have days in life, when we wish it would end before it has even started. Those are the days we need to show each other how much more we care, by showering each other with kindness. Even when that individual has hurt you with their action or words. By showing them kindness instead of meanness, will show how extraordinary you really are.

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