Home Sweet Home

There was a TTC bus advertisement I saw maybe about six years ago, that really made me think about the difference between living in a house, and calling a place home.

House is a place to lay your head down to sleep at night, with no rest to comfort you. A place where all your personal belonging are, but you personally don’t belong. Somehow this is the spot that shapes and molds you into the person you have become. A point of no return.

There is no place like home! I still remembered the last time I went on vacation (maybe 5 years ago) there was a flight delay in returning back home. Although I was on a tropical, amazing island……all I wanted was to get back home. A place where I felt comfortable, and secured. Home isn’t necessarily where you live, but how you live. In a location surrounded with other that look out for each other. A site to share and make lasting memories.

We all have different beliefs in what happens to us after death. Nevertheless, I feel that we all hope and Pray, that our TRUE and real home is awaiting us after death. A space where we truly do belong! A place we can really call Home Sweet Home!

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