Why Is It Not For You

Things to dream about

From the time we are children until the day we die, dreams are what keeps us going. The things that a child craves sometimes is a little bit more unrealistic, than what one wants as an adult. Children believe they can do and be anything they want. We have all been there when we actually believed also. But somewhere along the line, we grew up. All those ideas that filled our heads, feels more like something only to dream about now as adult.

Why it should stay a dream

In adulthood, the dreams you had as a child seems very unrealistic now. You know better then to believe, one can be a prince or a princess so to say. It is not possible to accomplish what you wanted to, when at the time you did not understand it all. But now as a mature adult, you go after what you want, and leave behind what seems impossible to achieve. You put it into your mind what ever is to hard to master, should just be left as an idea to be dreamt about only.

Make your dreams a reality

From child dreams, to adult dreams, somewhere down the line we give up on them. Why? Because we do not believe in ourselves, we do not have enough Faith. Do not let negative thoughts fill your head. When it does, then question it, and ask “Why is it not for you?” Tell yourself it is for you, if you trusty want it and believe it, then make your dreams into a reality. It can happen! Just have more Faith.

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