Hiding Behind Happiness

There are human beings out there, that always seem like very happy people. I am sure if you have not come across someone with that personality, then you have heard of this type of individual. They are the type of people that you would think uses glue on their lips, just so that the smile everyone sees, never disappears. People who always seem merry, and are willing to go that extra mile to see you just as cheerful. Rarely do you ever see them angry or have anything bad to say.

But at the same time, these are the same human beings that we need to take the time to speak with. Not about our troubles, but to ask them how they are doing. Yes there is always a smile on their face, and yes they always ask how everything is with you. The reason for that is possibly because talking about their problems feels like a burden to not just themselves, but they feel to others as well. It is so easy to get cough up in that routine, where you are either the talker or the listener.

Well please be advised, there are some out there that need to talk more then you. They are the individuals that hide behind their happiness. Of course it is unclear to recognize these individual sometimes. When you think of a broken person, you expect them look and sound defeated. Not look cheerful, and have positive things to say to you. But those are the ones, that are hiding. Out and about all you see is joy in those eyes, but when they are alone there is only tears in those same eyes.

You can not make someone open up to you about their personal life, but you can Pray for them. Ask the LORD to protect and comfort them. That may be all that is needed to help someone hiding behind happiness.

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