To Stay or Go

Having Children Together

I am sadden to be writing this, but fifty percent of marriage in North America will end in divorce. My source of information is Google (which is not always reliable). But it also comes from communication with others. When a relationship starts to struggling, the first thought is of the kid(s). You want to make it right for the children’s sake. How far must one go, before the realization kicks in that having kids does not mean you need to endure the hardship, that has suddenly entered into your relationship with your partner. Instead of safe guarding your child from hurt and pain, there seems to be more drama directed in their life. God has put us all on earth for a purpose. No matter the situation of a child’s upbringing, God will be right beside them to help them through. Now it is time, for you to make the right decision that benefits all parties involved.


About fifty percent of individual are satisfied with their jobs. For me personally it was a bit of a mix. When I was working as a PPC (Patient Care Coordinator) it was very enjoyable. I worked in a dental office, meeting all kind of different individual. The most rewarding part of my job I would have to say, is when an appointment came to an end. What I mean to say is, how appreciative the patients are, when all their treatment has been completed. Be it that they were in pain, and needed a emergency appointment; or a long on going appointment like orthodontic; or maybe just a regular check-up and cleaning appointment. In the end their gratitude and that smile on their face, fills me with so much joy. That was one of the reason I went back to work after I finished my first mat leave. But after my second son was born, it was different. I choose to stay home, even though it meant leaving all my great patient behind. It of course was not a tuff decision to make, but you just know when it is time to stay, and when it is time to go.

Turning away from it All

There is a friend of mine that decided to leave it all behind. At age 19 he moved half way across the world, and left family and friends behind. His reason for leaving was not a pleasant one. It was a young, bitter sweet relationship that he was in, that evenly turned toxic. At the time, understanding why it was happening was difficult. Sometimes of course we must all go through a breaking point in our life. When it feels like you are standing at the edge of a cliff, turning back is not an option, but going over the edge should not be the choice. If you just take a deep breath and look up, you will see another cliff right in front of you. If there is Faith within then jump to the other side, and God will make sure you succeed. I am happy to say that my friend is happily married with two beautiful kids.

It is never easy to make a choice to go or stay. But if you Pray and stay strong, them God will show you the way.

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