TRUE Friendship

Being there in Good Times

When you think of celebrating, the only way to make it great, is if your friend(s) are with you. They are companion that are more like family then friend(s). If they are not present at one of your many function, it feel like something is missing, something does not fit. All the good times that has been spent together throughout the years, are to many to count. Life may get busy, but your true friend(s) is someone who always manages to stay in the loop. In any event, sure to maintain that strong, committed relationship with you.

Support in Confusing Times

Their will be times in life when we must face crossroad, weather to turn left or right? Should you open the door, or leave it closed? When facing these difficult times, we should turn to God for guidance. But if there is not that connection, then our best and dearest friend(s) is our first choice. Someone who will offer you physicals comfort. They may hold your hand, or give hugs as they listen intently. Or maybe even respond and give you advise on the dilemma that you face. All in all your friend(s) is there to help and support you.

Telling the Truth in Hard Times

Giving advise can sometimes be very tricky. When a friend comes to you for comfort, we are to comfort them. When it is time to give advise, make sure only the truth is suggested. Even if it is not what one wants to hear. Hurting a friend, for that fact is not what we want to do. But telling your friend what he/she wants to hear, is not being a very good friend. Yes what you suggest may hurt, but remind them that it is their decision to make. You are there to counsel and give some insight in the situation at hand. Not to anger, or abandon a friend even if one can not see the others point of view. The most important thing is to be truthful, only then can you say you are a TRUE friend.

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