The Growth Cycle

Tree arrow pointing from baby, to adult, then to a senior.


The joy and blessing of watching a child grow, from baby to adulthood. Remembering how much they replied upon you, for every little thing. From holding their hands to help with their first step, to letting their hand go when it is time for them to step away. From their first words, to the time they say goodbye. It is absolutely amazing watching children learn something new each day, that turns them into who they are as they grow. The unforgettable memories that are engraved in your heart you will always remember. Be it as a mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, auntie, uncle or even friend. To have the privilege to be a part of a child’s life, is having found that rare treasure, that will only increase in value as time goes by.


My 7 year old is still amazed when I tell him that I was ones his age. And that one day he will be a grown up and no longer a child. Of course he is very excited about that, because he wants to do what he wants. The excitement I feel watching my boys grow, is the opposite feeling I have as I watch my parents get older. I am not sure exactly when I started to feel this way, but I dread thinking about a world without them. We all take out parents for granted sometime or another. That is the way of life. As busy as life gets, making time for our parents is essential. They were ones care free children; then they turned into a responsible parent that dedicated their life to us; now they are seniors, awaiting just a moment of our time. Before time runs out, make new memories instead of thinking about what life would be without them here.


As we watch children and our parents grow, never forget you are growing, and changing as well. Some may think they haven’t changed much, others would say how much they have grown over the past years. I myself would have to say I haven’t changed much since I was in my early 20ies, due to the responsibility at an early age, which made me grow up a lot faster than my friend around me. Now as I see my friends, the changes over the years are extraordinary in them. When you see how much an individual has changed, of course you start to wonder if you stopped living at a early age. Have you grown in body, mind and soul. Or have you been at a stand still in your life for so long, that you are unable to move. The growth cycle of life never ends, so make sure your not at a stand still. Never stop exploring; never stop learning; never stop questioning.

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