Structure of head with the word "control" written on the brain.

IN control

Every morning you wake up, start your morning routine then you are off. Off to work, or to school. It can be anyplace or just even at home. You know most of what is happening in your day, so you control the way you spend your time. Everyday is pretty much the same, so you know what can be schedule into your day, and what needs to be moved to the next, to arranged a controlled smooth running, stress free day.

Trying to STAY in control

Even if you are one of those people that love to schedule everything; or just likes to be in charge more, things do not always happen within your control. There may be some kind of emergency that needs your attention. So you deal with the crisis right away of course, then you get back to your well planned scheduled day. But try as you might, the realization sinks in that you are unable to stay in control. It just does not seem to work.

NOT in control

The fact is, WE ARE NOT IN CONTROL. God is! You may or may not be a believer of God, but we must all come to terms with this, NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE has control of their existence. You can be the best planner in the world, but there will be circumstance that come knocking at your door that you will have to answer, and let in, even if you do not want to. The sooner you acknowledge, that life does not work with a remote control, the easier it will be to accept what comes your way, that is yet unseen or unimaginable.

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