Afraid to Move On

Comfort Zone

When you grow accustom to the routine in your career or relationship with others, it means you are comfortable and may not want to leave, even if you are unhappy. The simple explanation is that you are to cozy. That feeling of being in bed on a freezing, snowy morning, and the thought of lifting the coverers, is very uninviting. The same can be said for changing your accustomed schedule. An unnecessary, uninviting change which means more hard work for you. Why start all over again, you think? Spending more time to move on is a bigger step, than just staying in your comfort zone, and continuing with your unhappy patterns.

You are relied upon

At a young age, responsibility was placed at your feet. You had a choice to stay or walk away. You choose to stay, because you are a kind, caring, loving person. You have always put people first before yourself. Be it, a loved one or someone you barely even know. To find kindness like yours is rare, but oh what a blessing to have in this world we are living in. But please STOP. Yes, we are all here to help each other, but do not loose yourself in the process. Know when it is time to move on, and feel no guilt. Remember you did what you needed to at the time it was needed . Do not stay any longer in your relied upon place, or you may find yourself not so very helpful after all. Moved forward and share your kindness.

Makes you Feel Good

We all need and escape every now and then. Or rather to forget, the heartache of reality you live through every day. So you find something that helps to relax and forget about any worry, stress, or bad situations in life. The moment of escape feels so wonderful, a feeling of pure bliss. Darkness is all around, but the pleasure overpowers any other thought in the mind. But when the fog disappears, and you float back down to real life, your misery hits you anew. Instead of fixating on temporally happiness. Move on to everlasting joy, eternal life, overwhelming feeling. The life you will live, is to be astounding. So be not afraid, do not hide behind remedy, but be ready to embrace the next move.

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