To be Happy

Male wearing a metal smiling face mask.

There is a major difference between “pretending” to be happy, and “trying” to stay happy. Of course life does not always promise sunshine. There are more dark days it feels like, than bright days. So when you are going through something really hard, and find that there is no exit at the moment to get you out of this dark room you are trapped in…..just remember you are not alone. Do not “pretend” that everything is going all right in your life. Smiling and laughing with other in their company, but soon as you are alone, the tears start falling. Instead “try” to be happy. Which means you should still open up about what you are going through. But through it all, have a positive attitude that God will see you through.

To be Someone Else

Female at work with her hand on her face head down, fingers pointing at her.

We are all so very different in this world. The saying goes ‘opposite attracts’……but of course there is always exception to the rules. You work with many other people, and even thought you may all be doing the same job, does not mean there is no difference in your personality. Now, because you spend more time at work with the people surrounding you than, your own family (which is quit bizarre) you want to make sure that it is a good atmosphere. So because you are who you are, you change your personality to fit in, and get along with everyone. Your smiles with the ones that smiles; Sad with the ones that are sad; Fun with the ones that are funny; Artistic with the ones that are artsy. In other words, people would say you have multiple personality.


Group of 4 female sitting down talking, with smiles on their faces

Now if you are reading this, and you just never pretend to be someone you are not, then good for you. But of course you might be wondering, why would others do this. The reason is simple to explain, we all want to fit in, and belong. As well as no one wants to seem like they are a complainer, or a nagger. Everyone has problems they need to overcome. There is no need to burden someone else with your unhappiness. However speaking about your issues with a positive outlook on things is a different story all together. So talk to others about your issues in life, but let them know that does not stop you from having faith that thing will turn around. You can find a way to get along with whom you will, yet you should not let that way begin with pretense. So be who you are, always looking at the brighter side of thing. And open up your mind to new ideas, but do not loose yourself in pretense.

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