We have all been there, when you make a decision about something very important then later down the road you start to question the choice you made. It is not that you did not have everything planned, on the contrary everything was arranged for a long time.

Still there is that feeling of not knowing what the future holds, but not worrying overly much because as long as you are following your happiness, you feel that everything will work out as it should.

Every morning you wake up with a smile on your face, ready to face the day. Now, finally there is reason, and a purpose for your life that you did not feel you had before.

Obstacles have already started to interfere with the path you have set. But the newness of the place where you are at, keeps you optimistic. All blocks put up, will be knocked down.

You start to see the progress of your goal taking effect. Yes it is far from over, but knowing how far you have come gives you even more motive to keep going.


Of course nothing in life is easy. When you decide to choose any path, always remember, there will be pot holes along the way that may cause damage.

YOU are DISCOURAGED you have lost your confidence and enthusiasm

You decide to stop. All your earlier feeling of joy has gone. Like all the other ideas and thoughts that filled your head, this one should have remained locked away as well.

But look at the long way you have already come, why be discouraged now. Because you are scared to succeed. You got a little glimmer of all you have accomplish, and wonder if you can maintain it. You were able to put in a lot of hard work in the beginning. Now you do not know if it is possible to continue down this rout.

This is where you loose you confident and enthusiasm. Before it was just locked away in you head, now it is reality, and the though of failing discourages you. So now more than ever you want to quite while you are still standing, as appose to continuing.

What is needed is, to believe in yourself. Have faith that all will work out in the end the way it must. Do not be discouraged by others, but most especially by yourself.

Keep going, continue to work hard. Faith means, having complete trust and confidence in something not yet seen.

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