Running Away

Women running away, through the grass.

From a Situation

Often times when you are asked to do something you ‘think’ is difficult to do, what is your first though. “I can not do this, ask someone else” and you just want to walk away and hope you do not have to face the situation again. That feeling of doubt you have in yourself, will make you miss out on something that can change your very outlook in life. The opportunity was put in your track for a reason, you were asked for a reason. So please look into yourself and know the more scared you are to face a circumstance, the more reason you should not run from it. So stand firm, give a little Prayer and go for it.

Because you Wronged Someone

We all make mistakes. Life is full of making mistakes, because that is the best way to learn, and to make sure of course it does not happen again. The times that are most regretful is when you wronged a person you love dearly. It is sometimes unknow to understand why you did it. Be it purposely or not, it is done and now you must face up to it. Do not run away, or try to hide, it serves no reason, it will not disappear. The sooner you confess you fault, is the sooner you can take off your running shoes and rest.

From the Dark into the Light

When you think of the dark, you think of sleep, right? Or maybe when others think of lack of light, they think… scary. You are not able to see well in the darkness, and often freighting things happen in the dark of night, rather than during the day of light. This is a fear most children have which is well know, about seeing ghost and monsters. But for most adults I think it is for different reasons. In the darkness you lay, waiting for sleep to take you. But your mind will wonder around the day you had, about things in the past you regretted, about what the future will hold. Then finally when you are almost close to exhaustion you think to yourself ‘What is Life, Why am I Really Here, What is the reason?” Then you realize why you do not like the dark, it opens up you mind to think and wonder about things beyond this life. And yes, it is a bit scary sometime. Just remember, there is always light shining amidst the darkness you seem to find yourself within.

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