To an Important Cause

When there is a cause that is very important to you, then you commit yourself one hundred percent…do you not? Let us say you joined a gym, you are paying money and you want to physically look good….so of course, if you say you need to be at the gym five days a week…then you will make sure to be there five days a week, right?

If you are put in charge of a very important project at work, then it is your responsibility to get it completed. You must make sure to take the proper initiative and follow through. There must show a certain amount of dedication. Be it, by putting in extra hours, for the end project must show how committed you are to your cause, to your work, to your very life style.

To others

Every long term relationship shows how committed you are to that individual. The need to show dedication  and devotion, is how you sustain a strong long term relationship. Try to avoid making promises to anyone if you may not be able to fulfill it, that shows your lack of commitment. Of course we are not always able to be there for others at the exact moment they sometimes need us to be. But if you are truly devoted to your relationship with your loved ones, then they will understand even if you are not physically there, your presents is still with them always.

How about Yourself

Showing commitment to a cause and others are important. But what is even more significant is being devoted to yourself, and what is most key. Make sure to make time, and give a certain amount of loyalty for all that you do. Life for sure gets busy for us all, but never feel discouraged. Always show dedication to yourself, and in turn commitment to God. For when there is faithfulness, there is purpose to the life you are living.

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