Is It Really Love

Money Talks

Being born into money is a privilege and a curse. Having money makes you feel that you always need to be around money. To be with others that do not have the same benefits as you, means taking a risk of being seen as someone different, an individual more susceptible to being taken advantage of. Staying within your own social circle is much safer, for reasons that were never fully explained to you, but to engrave in your mind of dishonesty.

So when you do meet someone that is ‘below you station’, and you fall head over heel in love them… it possible that they really love you for you, or is it just the dollar signs they see whenever they look into you eyes. Can they be trusted to care, and love you when poverty hits, and the only thing you have is each other?

Legal Bond

Many travel to North America from far, to start a better life in a more privileged and free country than their own. Getting to the location is one thing, but finding a way to stay is the country is another situation.

The most common way for most to solve their dilemma, is to get married, and they will have a chance at their dream life is this country….with no care of being deported back home.

So if you come across someone with that situation and did not know at first, and have developed strong feeling for…..would you continue you relationship to the next level, or would you walk away….for fear of their motive? How they flower you with sweet words and heavenly gifts. Will that treatment stay the same after they get their Legal Paper? Can you trust a love that is based on these conditions? When circumstance change will their love still be there?

Arranged Marriage

If you are from a culture where your only source of happiness will come from you parents, arranging a marriage for you. You hope, and Pray it will be a sustainable match, if not a love match. To meet someone and be told this is the person you are going to marry, does not leave you with any other feeling, but the need to except the inevitable.

You form a great friendship with each other. But you will always wonder, if this is really love, or if this is just a way of making a situation more tolerable? Would you both have found each other if not for you parents arrangement? Or is this the greatest love that you are Blessed with?

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