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Lend a Helping Hand

A coworker called in sick, and now there is a load of extra work that needs to be done. All your colleague have announced, they have to much on their own plate to help out, but you volunteer. Of course you did not have to take on the extra work load, but helping out is in your nature. In most situation, you always go out of your way. You put your own tasks and needs aside, to help out who you think is in need more. Because that is the right thing to do?


After you have assisted an individual in need of help, do you start to question your better judgment? Yes, coming to someone’s aid is the right things to do, but at the cost of putting yourself last? You just went above and beyond, and are hoping for a little appreciation, but none comes your way. Not a “thanks.” Why bother you think? Because if you did not lend a helping hand, you would be left with remorse for walking away and ignoring.

Be Kind

If someone is in need of your help, then you should help them, if you are able. You are to help others, with no expectation back. When you do something in kindness, you should not expect kindness back in return. For if you do have expectation you will be left with a bitter taste in your mouth when none comes your way. Always do thing out of the goodness in your heart. But remember to put your self first as well. If you are just not able to assist, then do not be afraid to say “no.” It may seems like your kindness is not acknowledged at times, but in this world we live in, it is valued and admired.

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  1. You have got a great blog with a noble cause! Extending your helping hand to the needy and the under previledged is the best service you can do for the mankind!Its the best worship to the Almighty God who commands all of us!I will keep in touch and gain fom your blog!Be happy,be healthy & be safe 😊

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    • Many thanks for your positive words. I am so very happy you were able to take away something good from my blog. God truly is the way.πŸ™πŸΎ You as well be safe and healthy, and can’t wait to chat again πŸ˜ƒ

      Liked by 1 person

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