My Father

You address your father by his first name. His first name is like acid to your tongue to say. Your mom told you he was around more when you were a baby. So who is to say it is untrue, when you were to little to remember.

You are a teenager now, standing at his doorstep, waiting to be let in.

Your Father opens the door, and there he stands with his new family. A loving wife that is not your mother, and children that do not belong to him biologically.

Here you stand on the outside looking in, wondering what you did wrong to not be a part of his life. Why you, his own biological son was never a part of his life the way they are.

They call him “dad” while you call him by his first name. The love he has for them shines brightly in his eyes. But the eyes that befall on you, are of shame and regret.

The hour you spend in their company leave you feeling more bitter, than you did before you arrived.

A happy loving family, that you always wanted, but could never be apart. To know that you belonged, but were not welcomed.

You want to blame mom for breaking your relationship with your dad, but it is really because of mom you have any relationship at all.

You leave the house feeling crushed and broken.

“Why does my father not love me and care for me?”

Let me be to first to remind you if no one else has already; “your True Father will always love and take care of you; He will never forsake you; He is the reason you are hear; He is your shield, and strength; and as long he is by your side you will always be loved by your True Father.”

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