Are you a Follower


The video posted on the top of the screen is very interesting. If you have not already seen in, please I ask for you to take a look at it. The video is related to my question about if you are a follower?

If you are in a group and everyone says they want pizza but you do not want pizza, what do you do? Will you go along and have pizza with everyone, or will you be the one to rise your hand and say “no I do not feel like pizza” and be the odd one out?

If you and twenty other people were a witness to a brutal crime, and police needed information. Would you be the first to come forward and give a statement? Or would you fall behind with everyone else because you are to afraid to make the first move?

If you believe in Jesus, then the question may have arise, if you were living in the time that Jesus walked the earth would you have stood beside him till the end. Or would you have been like all the rest and denied him?

Would you have spoken up and testify for all the good and miraculous thing Jesus did, or would you have just held your head down, and wept your tears for not having the courage to say a word just like everyone else?

Why are we so afraid to be the only one to stand up, and speak out. Maybe if you were the first one to speak out, then others would follow you.

In the times we are living in, we need to stand our ground. It is a very scary feeling to be standing on one side by yourself, while everyone else is on the other side. But if you move over to the same side everyone else is standing, then what does that say about you, about your belief?

That you live to please others, and you cast everything else aside just because you want to fit in.

As this video says “We are all Sheep.” And as the Bible says, Jesus is our Shepperd.

So if we are to be Sheep, then let us be followers of our Shepperd.

And not be afraid to stand apart.


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