Emotional Rollercoaster

Momentarily Excited

You have the career of your dreams. All those late night of caffeine drinking, red eyes trying to stay open and focus has finally paid off. The scarifies you made, to skip the late night outing with friends feels all worth while now, does it not?

It takes about one year for most to plan a wedding, and it takes only one day to enjoy all that planning. Your big day is here, everyone has been invited. All year prior to this day your mind had been jumping all over the place. Always double checking, second guessing all your decision you made. You want to make sure everything is planned to the pique. Now the day is finally here, and your excitement is in full effect.

Who would not want to run a marathon? You have been training for the 10k marathon for months now. You have rearranged your days with family and friends to fit this event into your schedule. You train until you feel like you are going to drop; you eat so healthy that you feel you have already achieved your goal; you set a bedtime for yourself to keep on track with everything else. You say to yourself “I am so ready for this!”

Momentarily Frustrated

So it seems you dream job is, not so dreamy. There is no sense of satisfaction within yourself after a long day at work. And long days you are putting in, and less time for you, or loved ones. Every morning when you use to wake up feeling so happy and excited to go to work, now seems like a day that never ends. With you dragging your feet and hands to move all day long.

Your wedding day, went exactly as you had planned. Now only a few months into your marriage, you realize you are no longer living in a friary tale, but starring into reality. You have another full time job that is not as easy as you had first thought it would be. You now think to yourself, all that time you had been putting so much focus on your wedding day, you should have been paying more attention and detail to your future relationship with your spouse.

You were not able to complete the marathon. All the energy you had in the beginning, somehow left you somewhere along the way. You feel that all the time and planning you put in, was in vain.

Continuously Happy

When you have a big event to plan, you are filled with stress, but your excitement overpowers any other feeling, other than waiting for the big day to arrive. When things do not go as planned, you are filled with disappointment, unable to understand why you did not see it coming. But what we must always remember is that there will be continuous happiness in our life if we trust in the Lord above. Excitements comes and goes throughout our life time. As well as can be said about sadness and other emotions. But when God is in your life, he will make sure you look beyond your own understanding and situation and see a different way of life, that will only and always bring happiness.

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