How far will you reach, before you realize it is a trap

Going after want you want

We are all like children’s when we see something that we want. We just have to have it! Be it an object, a job, or a person. To what extent will you go, to get what you want? Some would lie, others would portray themselves as someone they are not, just to get their foot through the door. How far must you go, before you realize that maybe what you want, is out of your reach for a reason.

Confused by your decision

Or maybe what you want, really is within arms reach. Yes, you were a little sneaky, and maybe you even fabricated your story just a little bit, but you succeeded. Now that you are no longer on the outside looking in, you start making yourself comfortable. You are showing your true color more and more each passing day. And now you start to realize that maybe you were better off just looking in, and passing by, not going after what you thought you wanted. Because that feeling of accomplishments and joy, has left you so sudden, you are dazed.

Stay grounded

Sometimes we are better off not getting what we want. Of course like children’s we will rant, and complain how unfair life is. But little do we realize that we may have just been protected from a very ugly situation. In some cases we have to go inside, to realize that the better place to be, is on the outside. So when life sends you temptation, and the devil try’s to tell you to pretend to be someone you are not, just to get something you ‘think’ you want, walk on by and do not look back. When there is something out there for you, know that you only need to be yourself to get it. Otherwise you are setting up a trap for yourself.


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