Focusing on Children

This post was written following the tragedy in Russia, Kazan of the shooting in yet another School


You may have been born into a loving, caring, kind family. Or you may have been born into a shadowy, cold situation, left to be forgotten. However you had come into this world does not determine the outcome of your future. But there is one thing that every child does need regardless of circumstance, and that is LOVE. From the moment babies are born they need to feel that contact, that they are safe, warm and cared for. For babies that never got that physical contact, know that you were loved from the very beginning, and will be loved until the end.

School Age

At this stage in a child’s life, you love to see the difference type of interaction your child has with other children. To have your first view of their independence. Who they are without you. Making sure they are being caring and kind to other, the way you have thought them to be. To make sure that you see them, not as they are at home, but who they are solo. This is time you need to examine your child’s every move. Look for any odd ways of action that is new to you, that you have missed somehow. And if there is something strange that you notice, you must then Pray First and speak to your child after.


Most would say the older your child gets, is the less you have to physically care for them. Which in most cases is true, but at this stage in life it is that more important to be there for them emotionally. By giving them to must independence, you may be loosening contact with them. If you get to captured up in your new baby free zone then you may miss all the crying. The cry out for help, that you can not hear or see. Because as young adult they no longer cry on the outside, but it is on the inside that they are crying and screaming for help. Let us Pray to the Lord above, for our children and the next generation. Have Trust and Faith in Him for the future, that is the only way we will make it through these disaster.

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