Who To Turn To

Footprints in the sand


When your head is spinning out of control, and your body is telling you to give up. What do you do? You need to speak and express your feeling before you do something that you may regret. You turn to a friend, and they take you out for a night out on the town. For that night you forget about your worries, and it seems that maybe things in your life really aren’t that out of control as you had first thought. The next morning you wake up to the sun shining, but all you see is darkness surrounding you again.


You think to yourself family is who I should be around, who I need now. They know you the best, and they will give you good advice, after all they do love you. But the advice they have to give, is not a solution to solve the problem long term. What you are dealing with needs consistent attention. They do not have the power to break through the walls that you have already put up? A remedy to fix the damaged that has already been done? Then who do you turn to?


It is good to know you have people to talk to in times of trouble. It is even better to know that you have God by your side at all time. The barriers you put up in life will never break unless you Pray for God to remove them from your life. So when you feel like your legs are about to give, and you body is going numb, remember you heart is still beating, your mind is still working. Close you eyes, and ask the Lord for Strength, to get you through these many battles you must face in life.

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