Stages of Female


You are born not only because your mother or father wanted you, but because God wanted you. Before you came to exist, God already had your life planned out. Being a daughter is being a life line to your family. You are the reason that protective armorer and shield is needed. To keep you safe, so that you may grow and multiply.


To become a wife or a partner of someone you really love, is a great joy in life. With it comes times of trial and hardship. To know that you have someone to share your life with, but to feel like you are the only one fighting to win sometimes. These are the moments you really need to Pray for guidance from God.


One of the greatest Blessing is having the privilege’s of becoming a mother. It is also ones of the most challenging role you will ever experience. The Blessing was given to you when you were born a daughter. It was an option when you became a wife/partner. To have a child is to have the most rarest treasure given to you by God. Now more than ever is the time you need to turn, and put your trust in our Heavenly Father. For with children there is no instruction manual, but there is a Bible, and that is all you need to succeed as a mother.

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