In the beginning of every relationship there is excitement, and happiness. To have someone beside you to share you thoughts and laugher with. To know that you do not have to be alone any longer. That feeling you get when you wake up on a Monday morning, and do not care that it is Monday, and you have to go to a job that you dislike. Because there is something bigger, more important occupying your mind. There is music in your head, the sun is shining brightly, you are walking on air. There is a solution to any problem that comes your way. Nothing can bring you down in the Beginning.


As time passes, you will start to come across a few unpleasantness, but nothing that can overpower the feeling of love. You will notice that this relationship you are now in, is now starting to feel more like a second career. Instead of spending all your time having fun and laughing; you have to now put in a bit of time to study, and understand more of what you have committed yourself to. Then you start to question if this relationship is right for you?


When the beginning turns into routine, when the middle turns into work, then how does it end? It does not end, it never ends. It can be a relationship you are building with a collogue, a friend; maybe you are trying to rebuild trust with a parent, or sibling; or even moving forward with your partner/spouse. In order to build, and maintain a good relationship with others; you must first have a good relationship with God. Study the Bible; meditate on the word of God; build your knowledge; and grow in Faith.

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