lighted words written "It was all a dream"

There is a dream, or nightmare, (which ever you call it) that most of us have had. It is when you are falling, but you are unable to wake up, until you hit the ground. Then you wake up alarmed. I myself had that dream a few times. Research explains when you have that dream, it usually reflect your life being out of control. I have not had that dream in some time now, does that mean I have my life together now? Do dreams really mean anything?

There are so many types of dreams you can have. Fun, exciting ones, romantic ones, scary disturbing ones, and the most common ones are bizarre, they make no sense. Would you say you always remember what you dreamt about? Does your dream always make sense? Do you think your dreams are trying to tell you something? Psychologist have some theories regarding dreams, but a lot is still in question. The Fact about Dreams are:

  • We sometimes don’t remember dreaming, but we dream between 3-6 times per night.
  • Dreams last anywhere between 5-20 minutes
  • 95% of dreams are forgotten by the time we wake up
  • Dreaming can help with our memory
  • Blind people dream more with other sensory components, compared with sighted people.

A lot to take in, right? Everyone and anyone can say what they will about dreams. I feel that dreams have a meaning, a reason for entertaining our mind. Just like wakeful thoughts do. I think dreams go deeper then only our thoughts, our fears and our wishes. I feel like there is something deeper, more meaningful to it then what is written, but what, I am not sure.

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