Experience It Yourself

Teenage girl sitting on the bed with her mother, who has a worried look on her face.

There is a saying that goes, ‘parents know best’. Of course in my youth I would have to disagree with that. But now in my adulthood I would say that statement is pretty accurate. It is a life cycle that we all must go through. Our parents tell us something, we ignore them, then later on in life we realize we should have listened to, or taken their advice. Of course this is not true for all, but some.

As we get older, the experience we go through makes us wiser and more knowledgeable in certain situation. For example our first love; There must be people out there that married their first love, that is a blessing. But for others your breakup must have seemed like the end of the world. And if you looked back in time, did your parent/guardian not console you and tell you that all would be ok? That in the future you would not be hurting so much as you are now. But you just kept thinking they have no idea what you are going though. They are parents, what do they know. Now as an adult, do you see that your guardian maybe new a lot more then you imagined. But we do not want to listen, no matter who it is that consoles us. Especially parents because we don’t realized that they were ones our age, and maybe went through a lot of the same things we go through.

As a parent myself, now I understand it even more. I keep trying to explain the importance of something to my son or why he shouldn’t do this or that. And he gives me that same look I now remember I used to give to my mother. All our parents want to do is protect us, and maybe even help us skip through some bad situations that they went through. But in most cases everyone has to go through there own experience to learn their own lessons, no matter of others advice. The life cycle will never end, parents can not protect there kids from making mistakes. Children must experience it for themselves, that is what makes them who they are.

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