Interracial couple with their child laying down and smiling.

Living in Canada, to be exact in the city of Toronto, you can see that it is a very diverse community. You can meet so many different people from different cultures here. There are a lot of interracial couples in Toronto, and around the world, which is lovely to see. But there is one question that usually arise, especially when those couples have children. That question is, can you merry someone with a different mother tongue than yourself? If the answer is yes, how is the communication in the home and at a family event?

If you were married to someone that spoke a different language, would you make an effort to learn their language? And when or if you had children, would you want them to learn your spouse’s language? My son is in French Immersion. No one in my house speaks French, but I have made an effort to learn a little bit of French to help him practice when he is at home. But when the future comes around, and I am unable to understand him speaking to his friends, it will feel a little unnatural. Which brings us back to our topic, how does it feel to be around family/ friends that speak a different language that you are unable to understand? And even more so, how would it feel to have your child communicating in a language you are unable to understand?

Of course every situation is very different. If your spouses family member speak English then of course they would do their best to speak English so that you would not feel excluded. What if the family members do not speak the same language as you? Is your partner to sit beside you throughout the evening translating, to make you feel less uncomfortable? Maybe it is not as a big of deal as I make it out to be. Being able to speak many languages is a great quality to have. But if you only speak one, does it make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, especially if you partner speaks more than one language?

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