When a song comes on the radio we have never heard before, what is the first thing that we listen to? The song itself, or the rhythm? I love music. I like to listen to all kinds of music. There is music for when you are feeling happy, or sad. When you want to relax, or when you are ready for a workout session. You name it, there is a type of tempo for just about any mood you are in. Because of that great beat, I find myself paying less attention to the lyrics. Music from the 70s 80s and 90s were the best for me. The performers voice usually always overpowered the rhythm.

But it seems now that the beat overpowers the artist, in the 21st century, most times. There is one song that I would like to mention, this song is the reason for this post. It is a song by Eminem call ‘Mockingbird’. Now when I was  teenager I liked the song well enough, but I never really listened to it . Just the other day in the car, the same song came on the radio, and I felt like I was hearing it for the first time. Why you ask? Because I now heard the message, the pain, and hurt  in Eminem’s lyrics.  It has been so many years since this song came out, and NOW I am able to really say I listened to the song.

It just goes to show, when we are enjoying a song are we really listening to it? Are we listening to the message the artist is trying to express, or are we just to distracted by the rhythm sometimes. Music is powerful! Music is to be enjoyed, but it also can have a deep message that the artist want us to hear. Just like our Blogs, we have something important to say, and we hope we are listened to.

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