Woman siting on the floor in her bedroom, looking out the window. (seems she has a lot on her mind).

Don’t we all want a hug when we are sad? When we are going through a bad situation, don’t we need a hug, and for someone to tell us ‘everything will be ok’? As human being this is a natural need we have. It is good to talk about what we are going through to someone else. It helps to talk, and it helps that someone talks back and gives words of sympathy, of encouragement. If you ever feel that there is no one to express your distress to, think again. Our Father Above is always awaiting for us to come knocking at his door.

But what if we don’t want to talk about how we are feeling? Does that mean we are on a road to Depression? Should we seek Mental Health? What if we do want to confide in someone, but we just don’t want to hear those sympathetic words, that pity in others voice. We do not want the physical contact that they want to offer. “No hugs, no patting, or holding your hand’. Why are some so afraid to embrace what every human needs? Comfort in the time of sadness, or tragedy. Is it because we are angry, or is it simply because we know our inner self will breakdown if we speak of our sadness?

Is it bad to want to deal with you problems on your own? Is it bad to keep it to yourself? Is it strange to not want that comfort from a family or friend? We all feel alone and sad sometimes, but is it wrong, or bad, to not want to confess your sadness with others? I believe if we confess it all to Our Heavenly Father, then we are on the road to recovery. Yes it is always good to have someone to speak with, but turning to God should always be out first choice.


  1. I was just in that dark place . Yes we all need a hug, and words of encouragement. I think part of the reason is trust. When your raised by a narcissistic parent who will take your weakness and use it against you, you tend to hide your true feelings and build a wall. You do this subconsciously that you begin to not even know what you’re truly feeling, Because you’re so tired of being dismissed.

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      • That is true, and added fuel I am now taking care of her. It’s a challenge to say the least, but I have done a little research and now feel better equipped mentally. I’ve learned most importantly NOT to take it personally. Thank you for your kind words.

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      • You are a very kind daughter. I know others that would just walk away without a second thought. I am happy you have learned how to not take it personally, I know that couldn’t have been easy.

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