Little girl about 10 years old siting in-between stone doorway with hand over her face (maybe she is crying).

I want to start of by saying only God can judge us! I would like to express my thoughts; For does who have the joy of parenthood, congratulations. For those who ‘choose’ not to have children, I hope life is everything you dreamt it would be. And for those who have been trying to conceive, but are unable, everything works out in the end the way it should. Reasons that maybe we will never know or understand, but we must always trust in God.

I have had the privilege’s of meeting some great people during the years. I met a lovely lady at church 20 years ago. She wanted to get married and have kids. Today she is still unmarried, and no longer able to have children. I worked with someone who was trying to get pregnant for 4 years plus. She finally did have a baby boy. One and a half year later that little boy passed away, and her marriage ended. I have some friends that were high school sweethearts. They have been married for over 15 years now, still unable to conceive.

Now I want to share with you the encounter of some I met, that had children, that I feel were not deserved that blessing. I worked in a Pediatric Dental office for some years and always came across some interesting individuals. Their was a grandmother who had adopted her grandchildren. The mother did not want anything to do with them and daddy was not in the picture. I also met an auntie who took care of her kids and her nephew’s. Again daddy was no where in the picture, and mommy was to busy with her own life to care for her own children. Through out the years I have seen similar stories, and I can not understand why.

In the end we are not God, we should not judge. But I have seen so many situation where I do keep questioning, why do the ones that would make amazing parents not be blessed. They are the people who have been trying, they are they ones who has a plan, who would not neglect their child and run free. But the individuals who are so undeserving are the ones that get that privilege. They are the ones who have the babies and call themselves mom and dad, but have someone else take on all the parental duties. It is not my place to judge or question, but God forgive for having an opinion.

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