Joy In Me

Female in deep thought. She is touching her reflection through on the window.

Being around family and friends are one of the most privilege thing one can ever wish for. Not all can say they have the great joy of having family and friends. But all in the same, we must all find joy in ourselves, and not joy with the people who surrounds us. Finding time to enjoy ones self, enjoy ones company. When it is all said and done if we can not find joy with our own company how can others.

Maybe you live by yourself, or maybe you live with a house full of people. All in all, we never seem to be alone with our thoughts (happy thoughts that is), alone with our mind, alone to find joy within ones self. We work hard with our mind to focus on a project to receive that reward. We work day and night by ourselves, if needed to finish our task, our project. When that time comes that we have completed, do we sit with our self and enjoy that accomplishment? Do we celebrate and give thanks to who deserves the thank? Or do we meet up with, or call someone to to feel that accomplishment. Was it not just you who put in the time, and the work. Or is it that we feel the only way to feel that accomplishment, is to celebrate with someone. It is important to share your happiness and sadness with others. But I find we more share our happiness with others over our sadness, when it should be vice versa.

Enjoy that time with yourself to reflect how great you feel, how wonderful you are. Find joy within yourself for who you are. Because even if you are surrounded with love ones, if you are not happy with yourself then there is no happiness. Remember, you do not need someone else to tell you that what you did was great, that you are a smart person. All you need to know is that joy starts within, and if God is just even a little within your heart, then we do not need to look for joy outside, joy is already within us.

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