Strong Faith

With God all things are possible Matthew 19:26

Man sitting on the floor in a dark church, with only a window at the side of him giving in light.

You may or may not be a believer in Jesus Christ. You may not believe in God. If you did have to attend Sunday School every Sunday, then you must know something of faith. Losing your way and not being able to find you way back is a very scary situation to be in. It is finding something or someone that you have been looking for a very long time and in a moment you are losing that what is so precious and dear to you. But we must understand that sometimes the closer we are to reaching our goal, the more obstacles there are, than what we were prepared for. And now we and left questioning our fait, our belief.

My best friend found God one Sunday morning, and his life changed from that day forward. He was a partier, a ladies man, a young man who just started to enjoy everything there was to enjoy in his early 20’s. One Sunday morning after a long night of parting and drinking he attended a church service his friend invited him to the week before. That Sunday morning when he attended church service, he felt the Holy Spirit. From that day forward he was a changed man. No more parties, no drinking, no vulgar music. He gave up an old life to start a new, meaningful one. And 20 years later he is still going strong. This is of course not the first life changing story to be heard of, but it is never the less amazing. Change does happen for some overnight. But for most, we must fall, fall, and then fall again before we reach that which we are looking for and hoping to gain and not loose. I am still struggling with my faith, but I know God will guide us all if we just but listen.

Choosing the right path for our life is not easy. Soon as things get to hard or challenging we want to give up. We do not want to work hard to gain what which we can not see. But we must not be in that mindset. If something is harder to obtain, then it must mean the reward must be that much sweeter. So let us stay strong in our Faith. Let us study in what we want to learn more about; Let us close our eyes and meditate, and then we will listen better; Let us build our daily life around God; And only then will be grow in out faith.

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